• “We would never have been able to purchase our home without you. You are professional all around! You are an asset to NHR and should be appreciated in every way! We wouldn’t have the beautiful home we have today if it wasn’t for you" Kerry & Joseph M
  • “You were very professional and helped me through the sale of my house and the purchase of a new one. There were many challenges along the way and you were right there to help me every step of the way." Susan S
  • “I’m writing you to say thanks for everything you’ve done to help me get into a home. You were very enjoyable to work with and made buying my first home a fun experience." "I’ve been with many Realtors with my parents and a lot of them are very hard to deal with. They seem to never listen to the customer when we ask to look for homes with certain aspects. And many Realtors seem to like to push their customers in the direction of homes that they want to sell more so than what they want to see. You were the exact opposite. You listened to what I was looking for and showed me some very beautiful homes. I also appreciated your honesty when you told me that you didn’t like the home for a particular reason or you thought they were asking too much. When looking for a home it matters to me what my Realtor thinks about the home because that is their job and they know more about the aspects of home buying more so than I do. So I like to hear what the Realtor has to say. I also appreciated the fact that you understood what I wanted to spend. You knew that I was on a budget and can only afford to spend so much. You were even showing me homes for less than I was planning to spend. And I appreciate that." "I also wanted to thank you for coming along on the inspection. I don’t know what I would have done without you there. There were so many little things I didn’t catch. It was great to have someone with so much experience on my side to help me.” Thanks again for everything, David B
  • "Thank you for making it work in my time frame.  You were a valuable asset in my search for a new home."  Bernard D
  • "You are wonderful, caring and professionally helpful individuals in your line of work. Many thanks for helping us find our home - we're eternally grateful." Pete & Lorie F
  • "It was a great pleasure to be fortunate enough to meet you.  You are professional and extremely efficient.  The very first home you showed us was perfect. You spent much time with us and since we were out-of-towners, you drove us everywhere, including our bank.  You were a real doll and we feel you went out of your way to do our "walk-through" even though we had gone to closing already. You are a genuine asset to the Real Estate business and New Homes Research is very lucky to have you.  You are deserving of a special recognition for your professional and pleasant manner.  We thank you very much." Sincerely, Toni and Joe M
  • "Thank you for being a wonderful Realtor!  The special interest you have shown us and the time spent with Steve and myself meant so much.  You sure helped us in our decision making about our move to Las Vegas.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!"  Debbie & Steve S
  • "A Million Thanks to you my friend. You really did us a big favor keeping us under your wing for all those days.  I really admired your perseverance and helpfulness to us; and for that, we will be eternally grateful."  Pete & Lorie F
  • "We just got back in tonight but wanted to tell you how great you were in helping us find a home in Las Vegas....you also hit a special spot in Maxx's heart and he asked about you tonight.....he also said you can come to his birthday party so feel special, very special, as the first Nevada resident to be invited to his party.!!!!! Thanks again and Terri and I really appreciate all you did in the front lines and in the background."  Rick, Terri and Maxx C
  • "You were so very nice - Just wanted to thank you for your time while we were in Las Vegas. I took my daughter to visit the model homes and she and her husband were impressed. Ron really was impressed with you, not just as Realtors, but as friends. Take care and we will keep you informed." Thank You again for your kindness. Blanca  
  • "I am writing this note to let you know that we are very happy with the service that you gave us.  We are already recommending you to our friends."  Amalia S
  • "Hi! How are you? I hope you are doing fine.  Would like to thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  Your patience & the help you extended unto me, means so much. Without you, I would still be having problems & for sure, I won’t be having that lovely house.  I will surely recommend you to my friends, if they ever plan to buy a property there.  Thank you so much. God Bless you always."  Mary A
  • "We just wanted to thank you once again for spending Saturday with us.  We saw a lot of houses that day and you gave us a lot of vital information.  We are looking forward to doing business with you in the near future.  We will certainly keep in touch with you. Thank you once again." The D’s
  • "You were great with everything you did - always helping and answering questions.  I would recommend you to anyone buying a home. You made it feel real easy."  Sabrina Q & Jed K
  • "We want you to know what a pleasure it was to work with you while we were in Las Vegas.  You really took a personal interest in us and what we were looking for.  We feel like you went all out in trying to make us happy and find what would make us comfortable.  You are a real asset to your company.  You followed through on everything, but you never made us feel like it was just for the sale!  That's very important to us." Many thanks and kudos to you,  Gretchen & Steven A
  • "When I met you, I want to say that I never met a more friendly and helpful person in my life.  Dealing with strangers from out of town is very challenging and you took care of our every question and need.  You don't meet many people like you in this lifetime." Best Always,  Tim H
  • "You were very effective at helping us find properties that met our requirements. You are very knowledgeable about home financing, features & options."  Paul S
  • "You were awesome, you knew what you were doing and had all the answers for our questions.  You made the whole experience an incredible one."  David & Elena W
  • "I am writing to congratulate you for being such a fine and professional person.  My wife and I are from Massachusetts and have been living in Las Vegas for the past two months.  We met you last October and spent sometime with you looking at properties with the thought of possibly making Las Vegas our new home.  We found a sight and agreed on a house model in Paradise Meadows before returning to Massachusetts.  The building process was done while we were 2600 miles away.  You were our eyes and ears here in Las Vegas.  You answered all our questions, concerns and coordinated what was needed here in Las Vegas.  There is no doubt in our minds, that without your help, our goal would have been difficult to achieve.  Thanks to you and New Homes Research, my wife and I have our dream home."  Sincerely, Rick & Cammy G
  • "You were courteous, patient and tried to meet our personal needs. A truly charming person."  Richard C
  • "We wanted to just say Thank You for everything you did for us... and let you know we were very lucky to find you."  Sincerely, Maria and Wagner G
  • "Thank you, I don't know how many times I can say it, but you are awesome!! Thanks for looking out for our best interests." Alesha  
  • "I am writing to you to let you know how pleased we are with our recent home purchase experience. I did quite a bit of research on line looking at home rentals v/s a home purchase in the area. When you contacted me in response to one of my inquiries, you were very professional, and not a bit pushy. I let you know when we would be in town again, and you generously offered to pick us up at our hotel and take us out to look at homes. When we met in person and discussed a bit more of what our needs were, you took us to a great location, and in turn we purchased a new home.
  • I was very impressed by your continual communication when I had questions, and with you accompanying us in each step of the transaction. You made the whole event streamline and I found there to be no surprises lurking around the corner. You should be commended in the way you represent your company."  Sincerely, Wrenn and Dave M
  • "My name is Maria G, my husband's name is Wagner G and we have recently purchased a home through you.  We are so pleased with you, you were so nice and helpful in our process of purchasing our home.  We are so pleased and thank you a million for your help.  We will make sure that all of our family and friends will be referred to you. Thanks to you and your company for helping us purchase our home."  Sincerely, Maria and Wagner G
  • "Thank you so much for all your expert guidance since day one when you contacted us! You have gone above and beyond."  Thank You, Wrenn & Dave  
  • "My boyfriend and I contacted your company last year for more information about new homes, and you replied to our request.  We first met you last October, and you have been our real estate agent ever since.  Over the past year, you have been extremely helpful in liaising between us, the first time homebuyers, and our builder.  Alex and I lived in Southern California, so you drove to our lot to take pictures of progress, and you relayed our questions and concerns to our contractor and sales agent. Your assistance to us was invaluable, and we are truly grateful for your service.  I wanted to write you a quick note to express how much we enjoyed working with you, and that you are always available to us by phone and email, which made our first home buying experience a great deal easier.  You were with us every step of the way, and we appreciate your professionalism and kindness." "Thank you for having such a great real estate agent on your staff! If we ever come across anyone in the market for a home here in the Las Vegas area, we will definitely be recommending you and New Homes Research."  Sincerely, Alesha S
  • "I am letting you know about my experience with New Homes Research. My wife and I live in Carson City, NV. and I emailed you about us moving to Las Vegas." "You returned my email and I told you what we were looking for in a home. Ever since we started to email each other I felt very comfortable dealing with you. You are very professional and you do know the housing market in Las Vegas. When my wife and I came to Las Vegas we had a very limited time to find a home to buy. We had from Friday to Monday. You picked us up at the hotel and you started to show us homes and condos. We are over 55 years old and you showed us senior sections. By Fri. afternoon we had one home we liked in a community. You made sure that you were going to show us another area and builder. You worked very hard and made sure that we knew everything about the home. Because of you, we found a home and purchased it on Sunday. You even went with us to the design center on Mon. and helped my wife, Beverly, pick out everything we needed for the home." "You also picked us up at the hotel when we came back to Las Vegas for the walk-thru. In ending, I am very happy and grateful that you are my Realtor." Yours Truly, Steve and Beverly W
  • "Thank you so much for all of your help this week.  We really appreciate your help and spending the day with us.  We are very happy with our decision and are looking forward to finally being able to call Vegas home.  We may have more questions for you as we get into the process, but mostly wanted to tell you thank you and we will be in touch."  Rita and Bob  
  • "You made our day so special.  Thank you for your beautiful attitude and professional service.  You "R" Loved."  Annette B
  • "Aloha, Polly and I would like to say "Mahalo" for showing us around for homes in Las Vegas.  We really enjoyed your company and professional knowledge of the area.  Again, Mahalo and Good Health to You."  Isaac & Polly Ann
  • "Thank you for being our representative.  You were very professional, very helpful, and also very knowledgeable.  You are the best."  Thank you, Gary & Josie F
  • "Thank you so much for everything. I'm glad that Tita recommended you. We thank God for giving you to us as a friend."  God Bless, Marilu R
  • "I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation. Your endless amount of effort made my first time home buying experience painless, enjoyable, and a dream come true.  I was living in Saudi Arabia when I began the process of searching for a new house.  You spent several hours on the phone with me along with several emails back and forth to make sure I understood everything.  You knew exactly what I wanted and could afford, and took me out to find my dream home the very first day of looking.  In fact, I bought the first property they showed me even though I looked at others to make sure. I would expect most Realtors would have not done as much for me as you did and still continue to do.  You were with me through the entire process from beginning to end.  You took time to go to the design center with me, went to the closing, attended the walk-thru and you were even kind enough to help me pick our ceiling fans." "I truly appreciate the bedrock values, honesty, and high moral ethics, you constantly display.  You never rushed me or made me feel uncomfortable.  You were extremely patient, answering my endless amount of questions.  I would be delighted to recommend you to anyone, you would be very hard pressed to find a better Realtor!"  Sincerely, Barry V
  • "We have often thanked God for you - you are our "guardian angel" in Las Vegas!" Teresa & Dan L
  • "My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home in the Las Vegas area and you are the agent that helped us find the home that we like and as I said preciously we are in the process of  purchasing." "You must be the best agent because you went beyond the call of duty to help us in any way you could and then some.  We can't say enough about how well you treated us.  My wife and I are very pleased that you are representing us in this important matter of purchasing our new home."  Sincerely, Joseph & Madeline S

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